RPC issues

Contango is a decentralized protocol so any querying of data and submitting of transactions happens through an RPC. There may be times when the RPC is not as responsive as it should be, during these times you may notice data being slow to load or not loading on your page. It is also possible to hit rate limits which would result in 429 errors. This is outside of Contango’s control. If the issues persist, you can try another RPC by changing it in the network settings of your wallet. A list of RPC URLs and their statuses can be found on Chainlist.

My PnL looks off

The unrealised PnL shown on the interface uses the mark price, which is the same oracle price as the one used by the underlying money market you have selected. This price does not necessarily reflect the actual price in the market since oracles have a certain degree of deviation. Depending on which direction the oracle price is deviating from the real market price, when you open a position it'll either show up in red immediately after opening, or green. This doesn't mean that you've actually gained/lost that money. To get an accurate closing price, you'd need to simulate closing your position to get a firm quote.

My transaction is not going through

The Contango UI simulates all transactions before sending them to your wallet. This means that all transactions that reach the stage where the wallet is opened, should be successful. However, there might be cases, outside of Contango control, where the trade fails a slippage check (the price changes drastically in those few seconds between you clicking the button in our UI to when the tx is actually sent off to the chain) but these should be an exception. If this happens, just re-try submitting the trade.

I’ve just opened a positions and it doesn't show up

The Contango interface uses The Graph to show open positions and sometimes there might be a little delay before your position shows up in the ‘Open Positions’ list. Any Graph delay is outside of Contango’s control. If the issue persists, please contact the Contango team on Discord.

I’m having issues with Metamak and Rabby

Contango works with most web3 wallets. If you’re having conflict issues with Phantom and Rabby, please disable the Phantom extension. If you’re having conflict issues with Metamask and Rabby and you’d like to use the latter, what you can try is the following: open the Contango app, open console by pressing F12 on Windows or Cmd+Shift+C on Mac; go to the Application tab; on the left select Storage, and on the right panel you'll have a button called Clear site data. This will wipe out all the storage created by the app, including the wallet connection, so if you refresh, the app will show up with the 'Connect wallet' button as if it was the first time you use it. Make sure you have Rabby enabled over Metamask and hit 'Connect wallet', the pop-up will ask you if you want Metamask or Rabby, just select Rabby.

Are you experiencing other issues?

Contact us on Discord.

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