Who's this for?


Those who have been performing manual or automated "loops" (aka recursive lending and borrowing on money markets) can either opt for the Trade or the Strategies interface, depending on their needs. In both cases, thanks to easy-to-read metrics (liquidation price, PnL, margin, mark price) they can better manage their position and control their costs.


Contango's professional Trade interface is geared towards advance traders, who want to take directional bets on non-correlated assets. Also, given how positions are built on top of money markets, traders can enjoy deep liquidity as well as cheap and low funding rates. Since the pricing model of Contango uses no order book or AMM, traders can also arb prices against other venues.


Farmers and newcomers are better off using the Strategies interface directly, as it has a simplified flow. They can farm LST and LRT yields, PT yields, USD rates differentials, or simply the rewards offered by the underlying money markets.

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