Who's this for?

Given the steps Contango follows to build perps, it caters to the needs of three distinctive sets of DeFi users:
Contango's professional trading interface is built on top of money markets so traders can enjoy deep liquidity and lower fees. Since the pricing model of Contango uses no order book or AMM, traders can also arb prices against other venues. See the Use cases section.
Those who have been performing manual or automated "loops" (aka recursive lending and borrowing on money markets) will also enjoy the trading interface of Contango: thanks to easy-to-read metrics (liquidation price, PnL, margin, mark price) they can better manage their position and control their costs.
If the underlying money markets integrated by Contango offer incentives for lending or borrowing, these could be easily farmed via Contango by simply trading on it. Trading implies borrowing and lending under the hood, so rewards are accrued automagically.